Saturday, October 27, 2012

79. RETARD is Hate Speech

Dear readers, please copy this image. Share it with your friends. Post it on your blog. Post it to your Facebook wall. Spread this image like a virus. I'm asking you to stand in solidarity with your friends who have intellectual differences. We need your help, and we need it right now. Take a stand against bullying. Take a stand against hate. Take a stand against the R word, once and for all.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

78. Ann Coulter Summits Mount Retard

Two weeks ago I asked Ann Coulter to apologize for tweeting the slur "retarded." During the final presidential debate, she did a very "Ann Coultery" thing. She doubled down. She fired off a tweet insinuating that President Obama is a "retard." Such a deliberate act, the typing of that word. Although she has never addressed me directly, I think it's safe to assume that Ann's latest tweet is as close to a reply as I'm ever going to get.

It's hard to know just how to wage war against an adversary who feeds on publicity the way a vampire feeds on necks. So I'm not going to fight that fight. In fact, I hereby withdraw my request for an apology, because I no longer want one from her. Instead, I've decided to link arms with dear Ann Coulter and help bring her the notoriety she craves.

Yes, the woman who has proudly left her footprints across mountains of people - people who don't share her political or religious views, skin color, sexual orientation or financial means - has ascended a new peak. I'm honored to help plant her bright red flag on the summit of Mount Retard. I want Ann's name to forever be linked to the taunting of special needs children. May all those who look upon her face be reminded of the bully at the bus stop. The dismissive cashier. The group of kids who point and laugh and stare. From this day forth, let the "Ann Coulter" brand be synonymous with the shameful and callous treatment of those whose voices are too often ignored.

Thank you, Ann Coulter, for lending your face to the cause. A more appropriate symbol for cruelty I can't imagine. 

Now that the special needs community has identified and dismissed Ann's brand of intolerance, it's time for FOX News to do the same. Tell them to stop giving Ann a platform by writing to

Sunday, October 14, 2012

77. T21 Brigade

Wanna help knock birds out of the sky with stones? If you have a direct connection to Down syndrome and you want to become an advocate, come seek us out on Facebook. Not on Facebook? Don't worry, our blog will be launching soon.

76. Today at the TDSN "Step Up" Walk

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Monday, October 8, 2012

74. Hello World! I'm Still Here!

If you're visiting because of the post I wrote for TODAY Moms, welcome! This is my personal blog, and it's all about my life with Ozzie.

I started writing this blog immediately after Ozzie was born, and I continued to do so for quite a long time. I wrote frequently until all the dark days had passed me by. If you're in the thick of those dark days, I promise they will soon pass you by, too. Pinkie swear. If any of you decide to stick around and read my story, I recommend you start at the very beginning. July 15, 2008. Post number one.

One quick note - you'll notice that I haven't posted anything new here for quite some time. It's not because I don't have things to say, it's just that life with Ozzie has become "regular old life" for me. These days, I don't often feel like I have amazing and remarkable and insightful things to share with the world. But for those of you who are curious, and especially for those parents out there who are new to the Down syndrome scene, I hope you find my blog interesting and helpful.

Please leave me a comment on this post if you don't mind, especially if you've never been here before. Just a quick hi or something. I'm interested to see who drops by. And if your name is Ann Coulter, the comments section of this post would be a great place to post your heartfelt apology.

Also, if anyone is interested in connecting with me on Facebook, please come seek out the "T21 Brigade" Facebook group. It's a private group of advocates who stand up for the rights of people who have Down syndrome. We are accepting new members and we would love to get a message from you if you would like to join.