Tuesday, April 27, 2010

55. Yamslam!

Hello friends. I've been taking a break from the whole blog thing for awhile. And now I return from exile to ask a favor of you. I am addicted to a dice game called Yamslam. It's sort of like Yahtzee, only better. They made a deluxe version of the game that they don't sell in the store - you had to enter a contest to win it. I entered and never heard back. I wrote them a few days ago, six months after entering the contest, and asked if there are any plans to ever sell it in stores. I told them how much I love the game and how I would be willing to pay up to one million dollars (Monopoly money) to obtain one.

The president of the company wrote me back today and told me that if I can get 30 people to "friend" their facebook page by next Tuesday, they will ship me one for free. Can you PLEASE help me? Pretty please?

Here's the link to their Facebook page:


You don't have to do anything special to let them know I sent you, just add yourself to the "liked it" group in the left column of their page.