Tuesday, May 25, 2010

57. Wally World!

So, yesterday we returned from a long weekend in Orlando. A full day's drive down, three jam-packed days of Disney, and a full day's drive back. The classic family vacation. I thought you might like to see some footage of our whirlwind trip:

I don't have any Ds-specific stories to share except for one sweeping observation: Ozzie is an ambassador of happiness. He smiled and waved to everyone, everywhere we went. Waitresses, lifeguards, riders standing in line around us, ride operators (ahem, "Cast Members"), people in the hotel elevator, people on the tram, etc. This went on for the duration of the trip. People loved him, they talked to him, they told us how adorable he was. He was a little lightning rod for cheer and merriment, which made for a fun and memorable experience. And if that's a glimpse of the future, it's a future I feel pretty good about.

Monday, May 17, 2010

56. Update

Hi everyone. I have been really disconnected from the blogging community lately. I have no great excuse - no jungle expedition, no voyage to Antarctica, no imprisonment in a foreign country. I've just been busy with life, and often exhausted and not much in the mood for blogging.

Something else has happened, sort of a sea change in the way I view my life. Ozzie has become very normal to me. So normal that I often don't feel like my life is special enough to blog about. My days usually feel like regular old days, not something that any of you particularly need to know about. I'm not here to bore people. So I just stopped posting. Not forever, just until I have something to say.

And now I thought I would share a few beautiful photos of my children that my wife took last week:

P.S. I did get the Yamslam deluxe, and it is pretty classy-looking. Thank you all so much for the help.