Tuesday, May 25, 2010

57. Wally World!

So, yesterday we returned from a long weekend in Orlando. A full day's drive down, three jam-packed days of Disney, and a full day's drive back. The classic family vacation. I thought you might like to see some footage of our whirlwind trip:

I don't have any Ds-specific stories to share except for one sweeping observation: Ozzie is an ambassador of happiness. He smiled and waved to everyone, everywhere we went. Waitresses, lifeguards, riders standing in line around us, ride operators (ahem, "Cast Members"), people in the hotel elevator, people on the tram, etc. This went on for the duration of the trip. People loved him, they talked to him, they told us how adorable he was. He was a little lightning rod for cheer and merriment, which made for a fun and memorable experience. And if that's a glimpse of the future, it's a future I feel pretty good about.


Nick McGivney said...


Anonymous said...

1: Ozzie waves just like E! The pointy wave!

2: got a big giggle out of "no dad, I WON'T smile at the camera" from Princess Layla.

3: Glad you had fun... my only memories of DisneyWorld are clouded by my having had pneumonia while I was there! Hope it wasn't too hot! - Jen

Cheri said...

How fun! .....and funny because we were at Disneyland in CA the same time you were in FL. We ended up having a Ds moment I will never forget while we were there. While in line for the Monorail we saw a group of individuals with disabilities a good distance ahead of us. We noticed an older gentleman about 50ish with Down syndrome turn to the crowd several times with this broad smile. Toby waved to him and he gave us one of his smiles, I then picked Reid up so he could see our little guy...he looked at Reid and then looked back at us and gave us two thumbs up. It was a beautiful 10 second exchange with absolutely no words but with so much connection. I will always remember that moment.

So glad you guys had a chance to get away....so fun!

Monica Crumley said...

Looks like a great time for the whole family. Just curious if you used the "fast-pass" for families who have a child with special needs. I know some who have and other who won't...

DownTownDan said...

No, we got no special treatment, and didn't ask for any. My feeling is that right now Ozzie is just like any other child his age. He requires nothing special. It would be unfair of us to ask for a special pass for him just because we possibly could get it.

However, I'm all for getting anything I can when Ozzie needs it. So in a few years, if Ozzie has difficulty waiting in long lines, I will jump at the chance to ask for a special Fastpass.

Crittle said...

Too precious! I'm so glad that you all had such a good time.

Lisa said...

Awesome video... so great to see you all live action :) And, by the way, the birthday girl makes one AWESOME princess.

JoJo said...

Dan and family:

I am right so few times in my life, I have to point out that I knew the day would come when you would experience exactly what you did experience on this trip.

Back in July of 2008 I posted this comment to one of your blog entries:

"...I can only think your lives have just been graced with a lifetime of smiles."

Ah, I love being right!

Hugs from us WestCoasters.