Friday, July 16, 2010

58. Helping Hand

Hi everyone.

My dear blogger friend is doing the thing that lots of people daydream about doing but never actually do. She's adopting TWO young girls (both have Down syndrome) from an Eastern European orphanage. My friend is not just daydreaming, she is really doing it. And you must understand that her intervention will literally save their lives. One of the little girls has a serious heart condition and needs proper surgical care. The other is getting too old for the orphanage and will soon be institutionalized, and in eastern Europe, that means this beautiful little girl with a big smile has a very high probability of wasting away and even dying from neglect in the very near future.

My dear blogger friend could really use everyone's help to ease the financial burden, because adoption isn't cheap. I mean, if you step back and take a big-picture view, it's amazing just how little it takes to buy two beautiful lives (because those two little girls are obviously priceless). But if we look at the situation in less poetic terms, it becomes clear that even the deal of a lifetime is sometimes very expensive.

So I ask that you please help my friend. With sugar on top. And a cherry.

She's set up a blog to explain everything and provide a place where people can donate. She's also currently holding a raffle on her blog, and the lucky winner will receive a beautiful piece of art. So please visit her blog and give, if you can. She has done more for the Down syndrome community than anyone I know.

Raffle for Mallory & Peach

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The Arnold Family said...

OH my!! I have prayed and prayed for Peach to find a home. I am from the TDSN and just found your page. I hope I am not being too bold to leave a message on your blog. I am just so excited because that precious little girl has been on my mind. My husband will give our tithe for the month of August to your friend's adoption of these precious angels!!!