Monday, March 15, 2010

53. Wounded

Like clockwork, once a month an idea for a post finds me.

Yesterday I walked into Wal Mart. The McDonald's at the front of the store was shut down, and I walked over to the greeter to ask what happened to it. I quickly realized that he had some sort of slight mental disability. But what struck me was his eyes. He had trouble making and maintaining eye contact. This man was a decade older than me, and he timidly looked down at my shirt while we spoke. He looked wounded.

As I walked away, I thought about Ozzie. I thought about how I will make it my life's goal to ensure that he never has that wounded look in his eyes.

And in case anyone is wondering, they are replacing the McDonald's with a Subway.


The Sanchez Family said...

Oh gosh! Something about this post just struck a very deep cord and I'm crying as I write this. I NEVER want my boy and soon to be girl or any of my children for that matter to look "wounded". Thank for for the reminder to fight the good fight.

My name is Sarah said...

This is Joyce. That was Sarah for a few years. Until she entered a job training program in 10th grade. They spent the better part of the first grading period working with her to great people by looking at them in the eyes and saying, "My name is Sarah," (hence why her name is written like that on her blog). It was amazing the difference it made in all aspects of her life. I think that is when we really started to see her blossom. Oz will too, one day, probably when you're least expecting it.

Monica Crumley said...

I agree w/ your post whole-heartedly and Jen's comment, too. I pray that society won't be too harsh on our kids when they're grown and that we instill in them a sense of worth and dignity so they never feel like they are less than anyone else.