Sunday, August 3, 2008

12. Living

We're a few weeks into our new life, and, aside from a home visit by a social worker, living with Ozzie has been remarkably unremarkable. Round-the-clock diapers, feedings, diapers, feedings, diapers, diapers and more diapers. Just like any new baby. I've actually been struggling to find something to write about, other than typical baby stuff. Maybe that's the lesson here – he's just a baby.

Although he is too small to be away from home for long, we have taken Ozzie on a few brief outings. People "ooh" and "ahh" and talk about how beautiful he is. Life is interesting that way – for a brief period after we are tossed into the world, strangers feel compelled to step up, check us out, and pay us a heartfelt complement. Even if life eventually kicks the crap out of us, we all start out on the right foot.


JoJo said...

Second cousin Renee just saw Ozzie's new photo and asked:
"That's not me, is it?"

No, I told her (she's still only 4), but just as pretty.

Displaced Cajun here, thanking you for the beautiful photo and update.

Maria Fernanda said...

Ozzie!!! love the name! and thanks for sharing your moments with you. much love to all of the family. picture request: can you take a picture of his little toes? i love baby feet! and i am sure Ozzie will be in the top ten baby-toe-jam pictures. HUGS!!!! AND SNOOFLES for the babies!

The MamaCoaster said...

who took this lovely shot? dan, you're the man, but are you also a portrait photographer? well the beautiful photo makes me feel utterly contented for some reason. and also very sleepy.

i hope you are relishing eat, poop, sleep, repeat. ok, wait, that sounded like a LOT of diapers tho... so at least i hope you are just enjoying this new life in your home. thank you for keeping us updated. you are never far from my thoughts!

MomtoMason said...

My name is Amy and my son, Mason has been in your sister's class for the past two years. Reading your words was like reliving the experience with my son (except my words were not nearly so well written). The day we were told "autism" was like a death for my family. I cried for all the dreams I had for a "normal" son. I wondered if he would be able to learn, make friends, graduate and be self sufficient. But Mason continued to grow and I was missing out by being in a cloud of depression. I realized that the only person that needed to adjust was me. He was blissfully unaware of any differences and he was so easy to love and show love. Mandy really made a connection with him and seeing him bring happiness to others was like a balm to my spirit. In the whirlwind of doctors and therapy, he is becoming just the child God wanted me to have. Know that Ozzie will continue to bring love and happiness to your family as you continue to embrace him.

ds.mama said...

He is just a baby, a beautiful baby. So true.