Wednesday, October 24, 2012

78. Ann Coulter Summits Mount Retard

Two weeks ago I asked Ann Coulter to apologize for tweeting the slur "retarded." During the final presidential debate, she did a very "Ann Coultery" thing. She doubled down. She fired off a tweet insinuating that President Obama is a "retard." Such a deliberate act, the typing of that word. Although she has never addressed me directly, I think it's safe to assume that Ann's latest tweet is as close to a reply as I'm ever going to get.

It's hard to know just how to wage war against an adversary who feeds on publicity the way a vampire feeds on necks. So I'm not going to fight that fight. In fact, I hereby withdraw my request for an apology, because I no longer want one from her. Instead, I've decided to link arms with dear Ann Coulter and help bring her the notoriety she craves.

Yes, the woman who has proudly left her footprints across mountains of people - people who don't share her political or religious views, skin color, sexual orientation or financial means - has ascended a new peak. I'm honored to help plant her bright red flag on the summit of Mount Retard. I want Ann's name to forever be linked to the taunting of special needs children. May all those who look upon her face be reminded of the bully at the bus stop. The dismissive cashier. The group of kids who point and laugh and stare. From this day forth, let the "Ann Coulter" brand be synonymous with the shameful and callous treatment of those whose voices are too often ignored.

Thank you, Ann Coulter, for lending your face to the cause. A more appropriate symbol for cruelty I can't imagine. 

Now that the special needs community has identified and dismissed Ann's brand of intolerance, it's time for FOX News to do the same. Tell them to stop giving Ann a platform by writing to


Verusha said...

My mother works with special needs kids as they are referred to here in South Africa. I often volunteered at the school she teaches at when I was growing up and I can say that spending time with the kids changed my life and my perpective on things for ever. I have never come across more loving and gorgeous souls in my life and I am so grateful to have been able to have the experiences I did with them. When I hear that word being used, I feel immediately uncomfortable - it's a physical reaction that just tells me that something is intrinsically just plain wrong. It's followed by a deep sadness that some people are not able to understand why the word is offensive.

I am so glad that there are parents who are standing up to bullies like this!

CJ said...

Does your genius have no end?!?

Rabbi Paula said...

Your posts here and in your original demand for an apology have really touched my heart.